Terms and conditions

Well, to be honest we do not have major policing or strict terms of services. We simply are open to the viewers of U.S.A., U.K., China, and India. The important policies of our service are:

  • We are the mediator and take links of third party and thus any quality claim or copyright violation is strictly not our liability. Still, in case of copyright we can put down the link of the third party.
  • We do not take much of your personal information and neither the same is shared with people but as we hold liability towards our clients from who we derive our services we share information with them.
  • We shall not be held liable in case of data failure and errors.
  • Submit any review regarding any link and we will take care of that immediately.
  • You can write to us anytime regarding any issue – [email protected]

Besides we ensure to provide the best possible services with maximum benefits for our customers.